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Brett knows what matters most to Nebraskans.


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For Our Families. For Our Values. For Nebraska.
img-text Defending the Second Amendment

Brett is a hunter and gun owner who believes that "shall not be infringed" means exactly what it says. Citizens have a right to own firearms and defend themselves with them.

img-text Quality Education that Teaches American Values

America is the most just, free and prosperous nation in human history and our public schools should teach patriotism and civic duty. Left wing propaganda like “Critical Race Theory” has no place in our public schools.

img-text Making College More Affordable

Many Nebraskan families are struggling to afford skyrocketing college tuition. As a State Senator, Brett passed legislation encouraging employers across the State of Nebraska to create and contribute money to college savings plans for their employees.

img-text Cutting Red Tape for Small Business

Small business is the lifeblood of Nebraska’s economy and they face enough challenges without Government interference. In the State Senate, Brett has passed legislation to bring Nebraska into the 21st century and digitalize functions, saving businesses time and travel.

img-text Fighting Against Society’s Most Heinous Crimes

Children are society’s most precious resource. Brett passed legislation toughing laws against child abusers as well as guardians who don’t report the abuse they witness to authorities.

img-text Taking Care of First Responders

Our first responders have our back every time they put the uniform on, and government needs to support them. Brett has put forward legislation to make it easier for families of fallen first responders to access benefits and assistance in their time of need.

img-text Cracking Down on Fraud

21st century crime requires 21st century solutions. The legislation Brett has passed brought Nebraska’s laws up to date and prohibited criminals from using the latest methods to steal financial information.

img-text Ensuring Voter Integrity

One man, one vote. That’s the way it should be. As Governor, Brett will make sure our elections are fair, transparent, and that all legal votes are counted.